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foot fetish mistress does SPH in chatSexy foot fetish mistress MissGorgeous shows off her pretty feet in pantyhose, heels and stockings in her hot fetish cam. Her feet and legs are the sweetest of all! So worthy of worship. Miss Gorgeous allowed me to adore her pretty feet and legs in one session. And in our second session, she turned cooly mean and had me jack my little dick to her exacting instructions.

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I dreamt of her glorious pink pussy and pumped away the little soldier while she calmly gave me direction. She does hot foot worship in private chat and small penis humiliation in cam to cam. She’s 28 years old and intoxicatingly lovely. Shes a stern but not mean mistress and rules through pussy power. You’ll find yourself obeying her every whim because shes beautiful and kissing her pretty feet. A terribly easy woman to give your head to. Her cam has a clear picture and voice and shes a perfect fetish mistress. You can expect mistress to expect extravagant gifts. Because beauty like this isn’t cheap.

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